Essential oils, the distilled life essence of plants, were humanity’s original medicine and are still among the most powerful, natural healing substances available to us today. New Foundation Unity offers the following healing oil workshops:  In these workshops we learn their history, their role in biblical culture, and their modern application.


The Healing Oils of Ancient Scripture

Gifts of the Magi

The Holy Anointing Oil

Oil Change for Abundance

12 Oils, 12 Powers

Raindrop Technique

The ABCs of Essential Oils

The Fruits of the Spirit

More workshops are in the process of being developed.


Reiki:  The Usui System of Natural Healing

Reiki means universal life energy, or in Japanese, the unconditional love of God.  Reiki is a sacred healing art that involves four attunements that permanently enliven the connection with the universal life energy within us.  Reiki is safe and noninvasive, producing a sense of peace and well being. This is a 12 hour workshop  spread over 3 or 4 days.


Prayer, consisting of silence and affirmations, made Unity a powerful healing ministry in the time of the Fillmores.   This is a 5 day course which includes an introductory lecture, an attunement, and three follow up classes. 

UNITY’S HEALING LEGACY:  RESTORING HEALING TO THE UNITY MOVEMENT  After the Fillmores’ healing journey, they established a healing ministry that, according to the Weekly Unity in 1926, was the greatest healing ministry in the world.   This workshop includes a silent movie from 1926, a slide show of the history of the Unity

movement’s first world headquarters, a meditation followed by the writing of a covenant.  See the slide show for a preview of this workshop.

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