Weaving is a process of integrating two sets of threads, one vertical and the other horizontal.  The vertical or warp is fixed on the loom, while the weft moves, weaving itself into the warp, making one unified fabric.   It is a perfect metaphor for integrating non-changing spiritual consciousness with ever changing human consciousness.  I have used weavings as teaching aids.  See below the 12 power stole used in the class 12 Powers of Man.    

Prayer shawls

The 12 power stole has 13 stripes.

Faith:  blue appearing on both edges

Imagination:  light blue

Understanding:  gold

Will:  silver

Zeal:  orange

Power:  purple

Love:  Pink

Judgment:  Yellow

Order:  light green

Strength:  dark green

Elimination:  russet

Life:  red

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