“Man can never exercise dominion until he knows who and what he is, and knowing, brings forth that knowledge into the external by exercising it in divine order; which is mind, idea and manifestation.”

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NEW COURSE:  The PSALMS  beginning Tuesday March14. 2017  Psalms is the longest book in the Bible. containing 150 individual chapters.  It is also the most read book of the Bible.  The psalms were meant to be sung and often were accompanied by a lyre, tambourine or flute.  About half of the psalms are attributed to David.  There is a gamut of emotion from lament to joy, from a prayer for deliverance to a song of victory.  Whatever your situation or condition, the psalms impart the message that if you trust God, you will feel the peace and assurance that only God can give. 

WEEK 1:  Introduction;  5 categories like the Torah, each section concluding with a doxology.

Psalm 1 and 2;  Psalm 118

WEEK 2:  Selah:  rest, silence;  Psalm 3, 4  and 23

WEEK 3:  Psalm 46; 51: 137;139; 118

WEEK 4:   Psalm 105;89 (covenant psalms) 101; 24; 45; 

WEEK 5:  Psalm 16; 110; ; 69; 19  Messianic prophecies

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